I Like My iPod, But…


I’ve been an Apple user all my life. The design and usability have always kept me hooked. I recently purchased an iPod, and while I love the portability, I have some issues with the interface. My biggest beef is that the Search function (above) has the user use the scroll wheel to spell out what they are looking for. It works fine, but there’s no “loop”. If you scroll to “Done” you’re stuck. You have to change the direction of your scroll to get back to any of the letters. If I was, say, searching for Zap Mama, I’d have to scroll clockwise to z, counter-clockwise to a, then clockwise again to p. If the user was allowed to go from the end back to the beginning without backtracking, think of the time saved! There’s also no “clear all” option, so the user has to backspace character by character to change their search criteria.

Should I go on? One more big thing…there’s no option to filter within results. The user should be able to pick a Genre, or a Playlist, or an Artist, etc., and once selected, choose a filter again. Try it out. Pick Playlists then Recently Added, and you’re stuck with a list of song titles. Why can’t I sort by album title or artist?

It’s about flexibility. Any seasoned designer, developer, or project manager will tell you that flexibility needs to be built in to the design. Apple is usually really good at this. I’m not sure how the ball was dropped here. My guess is that it was pushed through quickly, without proper testing.


One thought on “I Like My iPod, But…

  1. I have had the same issues with my MP3 player, although not an iPod. I use the Toshiba Gigbeat F20. Just a ‘for instance’ here but, say you were listening to an album and you wanted to see if there was something better to listen to, you would use the menu and search through your music happily, but if you change your mind and want to continue listening to the selected album, you cant go back from the menu, it’s slightly frustrating.

    It always makes me think that if I can think of it, why can’t the developers.

    Danni – I,TheWritingWriter and Danoi Rocks

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