Open Source Democracy

In a previous post, I mentioned that I recently went to hear Thomas Homer-Dixon speak. During his talk, he spoke about working together, pooling our brainpower and creativity to solve problems. Nobody is smarter than everybody. Homer-Dixon mentioned that his next book (which he hasn’t started writing yet) would be about “Open Source Democracy”. This got me thinking about the publication quoted below:

The parameters of possibility of the internet are vast because it is the product not of a single point of reference but of its users seeking innovative ways to employ it for their own ends. In turn, it has brought together people across the world to work on solving common problems and bugs, creating a network of shared ideas and shared experiences from which we can all learn.

— Douglas Alexander, from the forward to Open Source Democracy by Douglas Rushkoff. NOTE: You can download the publication by clicking on the link. Go back and do it.

Think of the possibilities! If we can get people from around the world, from different walks of life to collaborate openly on solving problems. This network could surely move mountains. I wonder if Homer-Dixon needs some help writing his book…


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