Why The Most Original Minds In Business Win

mavericks at work

I haven’t been able to put down William C. Taylor & Polly LaBarre’s book Mavericks at Work. They also have a great blog (accessible by clicking on the image above). The book pulls you in with positive, real-life examples of how mavericks have gone against the grain and been successful in their business innovations. It’s a great read.

Here’s two of my favourite quotes:

…organizations that aspire to create a disruptive presence in the marketplace have to devise a distinctive approach to the workplace. Companies that compete differently tend to work differently from the competition.

…formal lines of authority rarely determine how things actually get done. Most creativity happens in spite of the organization, not because of it. That’s why successful innovators don’t ask for the most resources or the strictest oversight; they ask for the most room to maneuver and the fewest bureaucratic hurdles.


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