Abhorrence To Convention

Architecture is a communicative art. All too often, however, architecture is seen as mute. Buildings are understood as disposable consumer items whose sole fate is to disappear with their use. In our day, the only distinction people make between architecture and building is that buildings are utilitarian and architecture is a monument belonging in a cemetery. I am determined to get away from this over simplified view of architecture’s tradition; to overcome the dichotomy of extremes. The alternative between the so-called neutral boxes and the decadence of expensive facades is untenable.


The projects have developed in unexpected directions through a practice which does not mimic existing procedures, but attempts to break through into the excitement, adventure and mystery of architecture. By dropping the designations form, function, program and engaging in the public and political realm, which is synonymous with architecture, the dynamics of building take on a new dimension. The celebrations of drawing into building, the pathos of production and the dreamlike routines configure into a substance that is not identifiable on any drawing board. This ‘substance’ which sometimes appears totally opaque and inscrutable often glimmers with belief and offers contact to a reality of the deepest hope.

Daniel Libeskind. Visit the site, look at the drawings. Genius!


One thought on “Abhorrence To Convention

  1. Congratulations! I’m saving up to buy as well. Actually, I have my eye on a few bungalows in my area. Craftsman Style ones are one of my favorite style on houses.

    BTW, I’m an architect too. But lately I’d much rather be painting.

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