Love The Green Belt

Mike Johnson, who is a co-worker of a friend of mine, recently, with his partner Cassie, entered a City TV sponsored contest where they devised a presentation to promote the Green Belt.

Of course, view all of the presentations and vote for the one you think is best; or, take it from me and vote for the crazy dancin’ math teacher. They’re neck and neck with a very cliche ballet-type presentation, so your vote could make all the difference.

Thanks for listening and watching; I think you shan’t regret it,

Here’s the original message:


I did something a little crazy. Some of you know this story already and for the others I will give you the short version. Cassie and I entered a competition to promote the Green Belt. Cass’s idea was to create a number of different green belts. To sell this idea I did a ridiculous dance. Long story short, we made it to the finals. If we get the most votes we will win $10,000. Please go to the following link and vote for us: Also if you could send this on to anyone and everyone you know I would really appreciate it. Let the teasing begin.



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