Virgins Unite

I recently purchased a Virgin Mobile phone. I figured I’d like to contribute to Branson’s billions, and it plays some pretty cool “baa-see-bahhhh” music when it starts up. I’m a sucker for baa-see-bahhhh”. Plus, it had pretty good pay and talk rates.

But there’s a couple things that I just can’t stand about it. Here goes:

1. The voice prompt “you’ve got 3 messages” is this smarmy voice, and it’s programmed to say things like “you have no messages…not a single message”. The voice is too slow and too casual. It’s cute and different, but if I’m trying to get my messages, I don’t want cute.

2. There’s an energy saving dim function on the screen. Great! Save my battery. Great feature! However, when I go to top up my account, there’s a series of screens I have to click through and wait to load, and the energy saving kicks in before the next screen loads. So, sometimes by the time I get to the next prompt, I can’t see what the screen says. To wake it up, I have to hit “OK”, which sometimes means I select the wrong option on the next screen. ARGH! How hard would it be to fix this? NOT VERY. Have the energy saving function turn off when the user is in mid process.


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