Do Things. Not Differently.

The Second Cup near the University of Guelph used to have a unique design. The exterior and interior had an Egyptian theme. I was a big fan of the Tutankhamun-esque mural.

But it’s gone now. The place has been re-designed to have a generic, bland appearance. Walking into this Second Cup is just like walking into any Second Cup. Incidentally, it’s none too different than walking into Starbucks.

I’ve tried to do a bit of research into this, and from what I’ve gleaned, there were a number of of Second Cups across Canada which were designed to have a unique atmosphere. Recently, the company decided to implement a common design across all stores. The goal being, to give customers a sense of safety? familiarity? home?

Did they really need to to this? The coffee menu was the same, the signs were the same, the disposable cups and the healthy rice-krispie square/granola mash-up were all the same…but, it looked different, and I suppose that someone thought that was important. God forbid we have any kind of unique identity or unique experiences in life. These things should be mandated. He said facetiously.

Do this for me, if you will…

If you’re not in the habit of going to an independent cafe to get your morning caffeine, give it a try. You might be surprised what you’ll find. Step out of your comfort zone and try another joint.


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