Recharge Innovation Regularly

You’ve hopefully read my previous post about my new ebike. It’s a great little fun toy. It runs smoothly and steadily. Not the quickest means to an end, but quite enjoyable, and it feels good.

The manufacturers writeup for it says that a user can expect to get “up to 50km” on a single charge, if traveling on flat roads. I started out yesterday, approximately 25km since my last charge. As I found out, apparently if you travel on hills, you can expect 30-35km. I ran out of juice, and a co-worker carried me and my bike home (thanks Dave!).

I plugged in the charger immediately, and was set for the trip this morning. It was peppier all around, and I’m certain that I can get back home safely this afternoon.

This whole thing got me thinking about the need to recharge regularly. Devices, procedures, thoughts, and innovation all need to be recharged to keep running at top performance. We need to build in opportunities to regularly recharge so that we don’t get in a situation where we’re running on empty, or (worse) squeezing the life out of a charge which is too old, too weak, too waining.

It might mean that you need to replace your batteries from time to time, but that’s a resource you’ll have to build into the cost of innovation. There might also be an opportunity to increase the power of your battery by doubling it up. In business, I think this is called “increasing the budget” (I’m no accountant). Might be a good idea.


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