Neighbourhoods, Part I

In a previous post, I bemoaned the standardization of the interior of the Second Cup coffee shops. I hadn’t been in since they changed their look until the other day. I was…underwhelmed.

As I was waiting for my dark roast with a shot of espresso, I read the little sign beside the sweets which said something to the effect of “treats from your neighbourhood…made locally…” Neat, I thought. A large chain supporting the local economy, now that’s something I can get behind. I asked one of the barristas where the sweets came from. “Toronto”, was the response. Now, I’m no geographer or cartographer, but I wouldn’t say that Toronto was in my neighbourhood. Have a look at this map. Toronto is 93.3 km away from Toronto.

The whole thing got me thinking about neighbourhoods, and transportation, and Sesame Street, and the marketing of “neighbourhood-y” type experiences, and on, and on. More on this later.


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