Who would YOU like to see as a keynote?

Mentioned in an earlier post that I was sitting on a steering committee for FUSION 2010, D2L’s user conference. Mulling over potential keynotes. Want to play a part? Let me know your thoughts via the poll below.

This poll is not part of the “official” steering committee’s planning. You don’t have to be coming in order to vote.


5 thoughts on “Who would YOU like to see as a keynote?

  1. I guess I’ll choose not to vote. I continue to shake my head as to why the D2L Users Conference committee is unable or unwilling to bring in a keynote who would actually know something about teaching or learning WITH D2L – you know, a D2L user. Is the D2L user community so completely void of speaking talent that they cannot get someone qualified to speak from their own community? I think not.

    I was on the planning committee for 3 years and now am happily out of the mix. When we hosted the conference in Duluth we didn’t have a keynote then who was from the D2L user community, and it didn’t bother me 3 or 4 years ago, but it does now. I realize that there’s a good chance that nobody else cares about this issue, or even thinks that it’s an issue. So be it, I’m cool with that.

    I’m guessing that your poll is not sanctioned by D2L, am I right about that? You’re such an outlaw, Mackie.

    • Good points, Barry. I like the suggestion of having at least one of the keynotes at a user’s conference be an actual user. There are advantages to having a name though; both for marketing/draw as well as visioning?

      • Maybe I can be a remote presenter for the UNconference, as I don’t currently plan to go to Chicago for FUSION. I might have to come up with a new song in order to maintain and extend my “reputation.”

  2. Of the people you listed, I have only seen Bonk in person a few years ago at the Distance Education conference in Madison. He’s a lively character whose presentations are fast-moving, filled with screen shots, data, anecdotes, and lots of humor. He’s an academic who brings liveliness to his presentations. If I recall correctly, he actually wore a Star Wars tunic like Obe Wan when he did his presentation. I think he would bring the right mix of solid info about current learning practices and theory with vision and humor. That’s typically a recipe for a memorable keynote. I’ll have to disagree with Barry this time. I think it’s perfectly fine for a keynote to not have D2L experience, though she/he MUST understand and know the audience so as to avoid disaster. Bonk will surely be able to do this.

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