Malcolm, I think we need to start seeing other people


I’ve been reading Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers: The Story of Success. True to form for my relationship with Gladwell’s books, the first 40 pages draw me in, but by the time I hit page 70 or so, my interest wanes. As my former classmate, Arthur Loik says,

I think his problem is he builds and tells every story the same way, so even while each individual chapter deals with different people and different circumstances, it still sounds like he’s repeating himself. He’s a master at arguing something into the ground and still sounding unconvincing (or unimpressive, perhaps).

Malcolm, I’ve tried. I’ve read the first pages of The Tipping Point, Blink, and now Outliers. Maybe it’s just me, but I think we need to move on. I do remember this time we spent together fondly:

It was short and sweet fling, to the point. Thanks for that. Bye for now.

So now, folks, I need a new book to dig my self into. One of my resolutions for 2010 is to “read more books”. Maybe you can help me out with your suggestions. Here’s what I’ve read and enjoyed lately:

The Medici Effect (Frans Johanssen)
Small is the New Big (Seth Godin)
The Ingenuity Gap (Thomas Homer-Dixon)
Here Comes Everybody (Clay Shirky)

…non-fiction…environmental focus…education…technology…that type of thing.

So, what do you think I should read next?


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