Maybe the iPad *is* what I want?

I’ve been ruminating about the announcement of the coming of Apple’s new iPad.

Worst name ever for a device. Period. Moving on…

I bought a netbook last year, thinking it would fill a certain void in my life. I want something I can take notes on at meetings and conferences, reference sites and gather emails. I’ve tried, and the netbook’s not it. It’s slow, the screen is poor, the battery is weak, and the keyboard is too small.

I don’t think I’m alone here. For students, I think the iPad would be a good solution for note-taking and research.

Unless y’all can think of a better solution…?

One thought on “Maybe the iPad *is* what I want?

  1. Yeah, I’m thinking that these will be the biggest uses for the iPad. It’s a great tool for students, at a decent price point, portable & personal.

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