Help me map the Canadian EdTech Landscape!

I was putting together my notes and slides for a workshop last week on Understanding and Using Social Media, and quickly noticed that nearly every example and every website I referred to was Canadian.

Here’s a smattering of my references:

This got me to thinking. Seems to me that there are a bunch of great Canadians who are involved in Educational Technology at some level: teaching, researching, developing, administering. And wouldn’t it be great fun to have a list of who and where these people were, with links to their professional and personal websites and their Twitter IDs? I think it would.

awesome canadian edtech

And here’s how I’d like to gather it: fill out the form to help map the Canadian EdTech Landscape. Fill it out for yourself, or someone you know: mentor, colleague, friend…

The results might look like this.

6 thoughts on “Help me map the Canadian EdTech Landscape!

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  2. Listen, Mackie, drop this now – you’re getting too close to the truth, to close to uncovering the secret conspiracy of Canadians set on overthrowing the corporate controlled model of education entrenched in our institutions. Drop it if you know what’s good for you.

    (Oh crap, I just out-ed us, didn’t I. Crap. Oh well then, carry on)

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