Ultimate Mobile Lifestyle

At the University of Guelph, this week is the pedometer challenge. Friday’s my day, so I was planning on walking to and from work and out and about at lunch. It struck me Thursday afternoon, though, that this might be a good experiment in the “ultimate mobile” lifestyle to experiment what it would be like to work and learn and all that stuff while being truly mobile (and counting steps as I go).

Here’s my plan: I’ll spend as much time as I can walking Friday, connecting with work as needed through phone and email, making heavy use of social media like twitter and flickr and mobile reflection/journal tools to document my journey. I’ll share this in real-time. I’ll also plan to consume some podcasts and books on mp3, access library services, etc. Also, do some kind of live GPS tracking. At the end, I’ll compile all these artifacts and reflections into some kind of presentation and mash it up with some resources on mobile learning in general.

Rules (an evolving list):

  • Accomplish as much work as I would on any other day.
  • Don’t sit at my desk.
  • Wear typical work clothes.
  • Document as much as I can
  • Don’t text while crossing streets

If you’re around Guelph today, and you want to join me for a short/long stroll, let me know. We can talk about work, life and all that.

One thought on “Ultimate Mobile Lifestyle

  1. Way to go Kyle! (go being the operative word in this case). A unique step in the field of mobile learning. (okay steps – 26912 of them!)

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