Learning. To run.

running shoes

cc: flickr.com/photos/josiahmackenzie

Folks, if you know me at all, you might find it a bit surprising to hear that I’ve started to run, and (perhaps even more surprisingly) I like it. A lot. As part of Guelph’s Healthy Workplace initiative, I’ve signed up for a Learn-to-Run, 12 week program, with the goal of hitting 5k by the end. We’re in week 5, and going strong.

The deeper I get into running, the more I see connections between running and learning. In a series of future posts, I’ll be reflecting on the connections between running and learning. I’ll tag them all with “running“. Stay tuned.


5 thoughts on “Learning. To run.

  1. It’s great to read about someone really enjoying adding more physical activity into their life. Often it’s the other way around – someone starts up but soon loses interest. Good for you, keeping with it, and sounding like you’re gaining momentum as you progress. Your success is great motivation for others.

  2. Congrats Kyle on starting to run! I’ve always hated it, but recently, I’ve learned to love it and really enjoy it. The key for me is to keep it fun and challenge yourself at times with mini-goals (distance, time, minutes.) It feels really good when you reach those goals! Also, nice to hear more people start to enjoy it.

  3. Good for you, and I’m glad to hear running suits you!

    I’ve been learning to run since January 2008, when I started with the couch to 5k plan. This year, I’m training to actually race, just just “finish the race” and enjoying it. Maybe we’ll have to go for a run in Denver?

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