Make it easy



It took me a long time to come around to the idea of running. I’d convinced myself it just “wasn’t for me”. It’s new, right? And new things can be scary.

And then along came convenience. “Hey, Kyle! There’s an opportunity to participate in something here. Heck, it’s happening just over there, and you can do it on your lunch hour. We can go at your pace, and can accommodate to your skill-level. Might work for you, buddy. Give it a shot…?”

OK, somewhat evil voice of reason, you win!

One of the things we do here in the wonderful world of educational technology is explore about how technology can open up opportunities for learning, and with proper planning and consideration how different tools and approaches can help break down barriers to learning.

The goal is to make it easy, right? — easy to enter, easy to engage, easy to learn, easy to access materials and find effective learning communities.


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