Architects of Education, #D2L10, Chicago

Up early this morning to catch my ride to Toronto Pearson airport, en route to Chicago for FUSION, the annual Desire2Learn Users Conference.

This will be my sixth time attending FUSION. I’m one shy of a perfect record, as I was off one year on parental leave. It’s a good conference. Three days, hanging with system administrators, instructors, technical support and help desk staff and institutional administrative staff from K-12, Higher Education, Corporate, Government institutions. I’m excited to (re)connect with D2L users to share experiences and build knowledge. It’s a lot of fun too.

Some highlights to look forward to (for me) at FUSION 2010:

D2L UNconference 2010. It’s happening.

D2L Unconference banner

The Desire2Learn UNconference aims to bring together D2L Users to exchange information, improve communications and build partnerships. Designed to immediately precede D2L’s FUSION 2010 Users Conference. July 11th, 2010. 6:30pm – 11:30pm. Chicago.

Visit the event’s website for more information and to get your ticket. This will be a great opportunity for D2L users to learn and share. There are limited tickets available for this event. You don’t want to miss out.

(the site is best viewed in Firefox, Safari or Chrome, if you’re using IE…switch!)