What if you could rebuild the University from the ground up?

Some inspiration from from Michael Wesch:

Wait for the punchline at the end.

We’ve all got stories to tell

Documentary film focusing on the University of Guelph’s recent hosting of the Human Library Project. (I’m in there somewhere 😉 …)

Video produced by Alec Wilson.

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My Table of Contents

For the Human Library event (today and tomorrow). I thought I’d come up with a bit of a table of contents:

I. The Art Path
II. The IT Path
III. (bonus chapter) The ED Path
IV. What a Bunch of Art Fags
V. What a Bunch of IT Geeks
VI. I’m Not Your Guru

Looking forward to this.

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I sent an email to the President and the Mayor…

It went something like this:

Dr. Summerlee and Mayor Farbridge,

Hello to you both. I’m writing with what I think is a powerful idea, one which could greatly benefit both the University of Guelph and the City of Guelph. I’m writing from the perspective of a city resident as well as a University alumni and staff member, and someone who is interested in the prosperity of the city, the institution, and all the wonderful people who make up these organizations.

In the latest issue of the Guelph Tribune (http://www.guelphtribune.ca/news/article/198884), Farbridge states that her biggest disappointment in 2009 was “when she says she had to “face the facts” related to a new main library and “finally see in black and white that this is not a project we can afford at this time.” She goes on to state that what’s needed is a “serious conversation” about potential partners. I think that the idea of a City-University partnership has great potential for this.

I recall reading in the Guelph Tribune within the past year or two that the University (specifically Dr. Summerlee) approached City Council with the idea of establishing a presence in Downtown Guelph. I’ve been searching for this reference, but haven’t been able to find it. If memory serves me correctly, the idea presented was that the University and the City could benefit from having a building or other presence in the downtown core. Indeed, the benefits would be tremendous!

Perhaps a a facility which encompassed the public library, lecture halls, performance spaces, information resources and the like? I think there’s great opportunity here.

Thanks for listening. I’d enjoy talking further about this with either/both of you.


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