Master of Karaoke?

Karaoke Star!


From the “Research Interests” section of my application package:

“My course work will focus on media, technology and literacy. The proposal for my research project is to focus on media-enhanced presentation styles that encourage improvisation and participation. Specifically, I will be examining PechaKucha, Ignite, PowerPoint Karaoke, and Battle Decks events. My final project will explore how these presentation styles can contribute to meaning-making and community building in an educational setting.

My research will focus on these presentation styles as a new type of literary form; a digital, participatory, fluid and multi-modal script. Through an examination of these presentation formats, I’ll discuss how the enforced structure of these styles affects the information presented, suggesting that the rules demand a creative and intentional approach to meaning-making. I will look at ways in which this enhanced script creates a new performative experience, establishing new relationships between the presenter, audience members and external online participants who are contributing to the discourse during the presentation. I will explore the interplay between the live events and the online commentary, examining how the boundaries blur between the "real" presentation and the "backchannel" conversation, and how this interplay can serve to enhance or distract from the intended meaning of the performance.

My research will draw from and advance the work done by Guelph’s Media Education Project and the international Improvisation, Community, and Social Practice research project. I will be working with educators to explore how these presentation styles can be incorporated into course delivery and student assessment.  Together with these educators, I will explore the new literacies necessary for students to be able to effectively participate in and learn from these new presentation styles.  Beyond the context of the University, I will build partnerships with the technology and arts community and community-based organizations, with the goal of creating a community engaged approach to this scholarship.”

@barrydahl put it well: “Cool – you’re going to get a degree in PechaKucha and Karaoke. I’m looking for a program in slot car racing and ping pong.”

I’ll show him!

Ultimate Mobile Lifestyle

At the University of Guelph, this week is the pedometer challenge. Friday’s my day, so I was planning on walking to and from work and out and about at lunch. It struck me Thursday afternoon, though, that this might be a good experiment in the “ultimate mobile” lifestyle to experiment what it would be like to work and learn and all that stuff while being truly mobile (and counting steps as I go).

Here’s my plan: I’ll spend as much time as I can walking Friday, connecting with work as needed through phone and email, making heavy use of social media like twitter and flickr and mobile reflection/journal tools to document my journey. I’ll share this in real-time. I’ll also plan to consume some podcasts and books on mp3, access library services, etc. Also, do some kind of live GPS tracking. At the end, I’ll compile all these artifacts and reflections into some kind of presentation and mash it up with some resources on mobile learning in general.

Rules (an evolving list):

  • Accomplish as much work as I would on any other day.
  • Don’t sit at my desk.
  • Wear typical work clothes.
  • Document as much as I can
  • Don’t text while crossing streets

If you’re around Guelph today, and you want to join me for a short/long stroll, let me know. We can talk about work, life and all that.

Canadian EdTech Landscape, version 1.0

A status report based on the post below.

Canadian Edtech Landscape (version 1.0)

  • 29 responses to date
    • 4 from British Columbia
    • 2 from Alberta
    • 2 from Saskatchewan
    • 1 from Manitoba
    • 14 from Ontario (most/all within a 2 hour drive of Toronto)
    • 2 from Quebec
    • 3 from New Brunswick
    • 1 from PEI
    • zero from Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, or the territories

We’ll keep this up for awhile yet. Participate via the links below if you’re interested. Fill the form out out for yourself, or someone you know.

Help me map the Canadian EdTech Landscape!

I was putting together my notes and slides for a workshop last week on Understanding and Using Social Media, and quickly noticed that nearly every example and every website I referred to was Canadian.

Here’s a smattering of my references:

This got me to thinking. Seems to me that there are a bunch of great Canadians who are involved in Educational Technology at some level: teaching, researching, developing, administering. And wouldn’t it be great fun to have a list of who and where these people were, with links to their professional and personal websites and their Twitter IDs? I think it would.

awesome canadian edtech

And here’s how I’d like to gather it: fill out the form to help map the Canadian EdTech Landscape. Fill it out for yourself, or someone you know: mentor, colleague, friend…

The results might look like this.

Artifacts from “Backchannel Boogie”




supporting material, links, literature:

Thanks to everyone who participated, and to @giuliaforsythe for co-presenting. Great session!