h5p template – terminology / glossary.

I’m excited to share the first of hopefully a few h5p templates for you to reuse, remix, and redistribute. I put this together for a current project, and I’ve removed any specific content or references from this downloadable version.

You can access the template, and download a copy at: https://kylemackie.h5p.com/content/1290940443231778479

Let me know if this is helpful. I’m super excited about the potential of h5p. I’d love to hear about your use, so reach out if you want to chat more.

4 thoughts on “h5p template – terminology / glossary.

  1. Hey Kyle,
    I haven’t used the presentation content type too much, but I really like your application here of making the first screen clickable and then building it out that way. Visually the bar extensions look great, although those couple at the end could feel pretty cramped for certain applications.

    “I’m super excited about the potential of h5p. I’d love to hear about your use, so reach out if you want to chat more.” I could talk for hours about H5P awesomeness. The long and short is that I’ve been using it since 2016 for different courses and different universities. Some of the early uses were the find multiple hotspots for a dental hygiene program (my colleague was working on the project, I just directed them to H5P and showed them how to use it). Some of my first applications were for a Chinese language course, we used the dialogue cards for vocabulary and the interactive video as a replacement for Zaption at the time.

    In my current role we use it a lot for formative feedback, most commonly using the question set, interactive video, accordion, and timeline I believe. If you want to chat more give me a shout.

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